Marlo McGuire Graham – JSU Alumnae Highlights for Women’s History Month

Marlo McGuire GrahamName: Marlo McGuire Graham

Graduation Year: 2000

Major: Accounting

Current Residency: San Francisco, CA

Current Employment Status: Special Agent, FBI

Favorite quote: “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for  anything.”

During the summer of 1995 Marlo completed her first stint with the FBI as a GS 3 summer intern.  It was during that summer Marlo fully committed to becoming an FBI Agent as soon as she was eligible.  After spending three years working for the IRS Criminal Investigation Division, Marlo finally became eligible, and secretly applied to become a Special Agent with the FBI.  Upon graduating from the FBI academy in June 2004 Marlo became the Generation X half of the first Mother-Daughter Special Agent tandem in FBI history. Marlo had no idea her personal accomplishment would make history, let alone have an impact, until she met a new FBI Agent who only applied to the FBI after reading about Marlo and her mom in Essence magazine.  Marlo is currently working Violent Crimes Against Children, but has spent most of her career working Public Corruption, Government Fraud, Anti-trust, and Civil Rights matters in the San Francisco Division, where she is also a Firearms Instructor, Director’s Advisory Committee Representative, and an avid recruiter.


  1. Hilliard Lackey says:

    I befriended Marla mom and recruited the daughter to JSU via telephone. At the time, I knew her mom worked for the Feds but had no idea she was FBI. Marla wanted to play basketball, run track, volleyball etc. at JSU. She had lots of talents and became immersed in activities. I enjoyed her matriculation but eventually lost contact with both mother and daughter as time passed. Glad to see JSU honoring my recruit during Women’s History Month.

  2. Corinne W. Anderson says:

    Awesome! How wonderful to see how diversified our J.S.U. sisters are in their career choices. American history is Black history is women’s history!! Cheers to all of the sisters who are living the American dream and much appreciation to Jackson State University for being there to help students fulfill their dreams.

  3. April says:

    Great job! What a wonderful role model!!

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