Horton joins JSU leadership team; Renick gets new responsibilities, title


Photo by: Jackson Free Press

Lindsey Horton, Jackson’s former police chief, is joining Jackson State University’s leadership team to oversee safety efforts across all of the university’s locations, JSU President Carolyn W. Meyers announced today.

“Horton’s appointment is part of an organizational adjustment necessitated by JSU’s growth in enrollment, programs and venues,” Meyers said.

The president also announced that James C. Renick, provost and vice president for academic and student affairs, has been given additional responsibilities and a new title.

Renick, who has served in numerous faculty and academic leadership roles, including two presidencies, is now senior vice president and provost. He will be “the first among equals” in the executive cabinet. Earlier this year, Meyers merged the Division of Student Life into the Division of Academic Affairs.

“This adjustment reinforces the centrality of academics in all that JSU does and formally alerts the entire community, internal and external, that going forward, this centrality of focus will continue at JSU, ” Meyers said of Renick’s new title and duties.

Horton, who has served in various other roles during his 30 years at the Jackson Police Department, will be JSU’s associate vice president for safety and security. He will report to the vice president for business finance and oversee the Public Safety Department.

“I grew up just South of the campus, almost on the campus,” said Horton, who taught martial arts at JSU for more than 40 years. “Any success that I have achieved is because of Jackson State University. I am honored to be able to return to the campus and give something back.”

Horton will focus on the integration of safety and security measures at all JSU venues/sites, the coordination of emergency and risk management across the sites and the continuous upgrading of procedures, protocols and policies needed to keep the university safe.

“In light of the locations that comprise JSU in a physical sense and of our increase in students, faculty, and staff, it is important that we do all that’s possible to assure and insure the safety and security of all our family at every site all of the time,” Meyers said.

She said Horton’s experience in urban law enforcement, where he dealt with multiple locations, a diverse staff and addressed a variety of public safety concerns, makes him an ideal choice.