Over 70 Jackson State University students are traveling to six different parts of the world through the JSU Passport To The World program. Students have taken to social media using the hashtag, #JSUPTTW displaying smiles, emojis, gratitude and a broad range of experiences in locations from Shanghai to Brazil. The days of a pen and a travel journal have been supplemented by pictures in a post, blogs and video diaries.

“We encourage our students to use social media to stay connected not only to the university but to the world around them and we are so proud they are doing just that. The results have proven favorable with nearly 100 likes per posts in our growing audience of 63,000 followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram,” says JSU Social Media Associate, Ashton Hall.

The program is offered through JSU Global and aims to impact the lives of students through increased cultural awareness and career opportunities and change in academic performance.  Students receive six credit hours towards graduation. The four-week faculty-led international experience includes organized cultural, research and experiential learning activities where students spend two weeks abroad and two weeks on campus at JSU.

Follow their journey by following @JacksonStateU on Twitter and Instagram and by searching the hashtag, #JSUPTTW. Click here to view more photos of our students traveling abroad.


By: Ashton Hall