Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 2.48.28 PMDr. Luis Camillo Almeida, interim department chair of Jackson State University’s Department of Integrated Marketing Communications, Multimedia Journalism and Media Production, was recently interviewed by Sue Shellenbarger, of the Wall Street Journal, for an article styled “How Mangers get ‘Interim’ Out of Their Titles.”

Almeida, who is also a mass communications professor at the HBCU, has served as a critic of technology in many national outlets including ABC-Jackson, TEDxPhoenixville, Voice of America (VOA), Indiana Gazette and The Vindicator. Internationally, Dr. Almeida has been featured in the highly prestigious O Globo Newspaper, Radio CBN, Investimentos e Noticias (Brazil), and Voice of America (Nigeria).

He has contributed to the Prattler Handbook of Latino Education in the U.S., was acclaimed by the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review as “Newsmaker” for his work with technology, and has served as a quantitative researcher for the multi-million dollar Classrooms For the Future (CFF) and Enhancing Education Through Technology grants.

The Digital Citizenship Summit, to be hosted at Twitter Headquarters this upcoming October, will broadcast Dr. Almeida’s interview on the ethics of technology to thousands of viewers. He has presented over 50 conference presentations and published articles in three continents relating to media and education.

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