In SWAC, JSU’s student-athletes maintain top academic spot for its stellar APR

Jackson State University’s Division of Athletics reports that its Fall 2016 students in all sports are continuing an annual trend of excelling academically by earning a slightly higher divisional GPA of 3.1 over the previous year’s 3.0 in the Southwestern Athletic Conference.

The Tigers’ academic leadership in the SWAC is impressive because 186 JSU students earned a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.

This feat also represents JSU’s fourth-straight year as top leaders in the All-SWAC academic race.



JSU Football LogoWheeler Brown, director of athletics, said, “Academics is the core business of the university, and winning in the classroom is a priority for the Division of Athletics.”

Formerly sanctioned, football has made great strides for consecutive years by helping JSU currently lead the divisional APR at 973. The football team received honors two years in a row from the Football Championship Subdivision Athletics Directors Association for its outstanding performance, with the highest APR in the conference.

Additionally, JSU teams such as men’s cross-country and women’s tennis received NCAA commendation for a perfect 1,000 multiyear APR score.

Not only are teams being recognized for their academic achievements divisionally, but student-athletes are being hailed for other performances in the classroom, too.

Other noteworthy milestones:

  • Canessa Swanson, a recent former softball student-athlete, was in the Top 15 first team for the Arthur Ashe Jr. Award. In all, 39 students earned the coveted Ashe award.
  • Eronica Berry, a recent former soccer athlete, was named the SWAC Woman of the Year.
  • The Breakfast of Champions is entering its fifth year of saluting celebrated student-athletes for their academic achievements. Each year, the number of honored student-athletes increases. This year, 177 student-athletes will be recognized.

The following report cards reveal impressive accomplishments of all JSU sports:

JSU Student Athletes Graphic 1

JSU Student Athletic Graphic 2