JSU U.S. poll: Citizens proud to be Americans, see neighbors as family-oriented, fair, honest

IOG Poll10The Polling Center at Jackson State University’s Institute of Government (IOG) has released a national survey of 1,051 adults.  The poll was conducted March 3 – 10, 2017. 

The latest national poll conducted by the polling center collected views on contributing factors to a positive quality of life, degree of pride in the nation and attributes that describe both Americans and America. 

Among the findings: 

  • Leading contributors to a positive quality of life: family/friends; personal financial stability; vacation or down time; good food; exercise; entertainment; and jobs

  • Top attributes describing their pride in America: free speech; freedom to travel; and voting rights/democracy

  • Over three-quarters report having great pride in the U.S. 

IOG Poll11A large majority of Americans, 88.7%, report their own quality of life as very good (25.6%); or good (63.0%). 

The leading contributors to a positive quality of life, as reported by poll respondents, include family/friends (81.0%), personal financial stability (60.9%); vacation or down time (60.6%); good food (57.2%); exercise (44.1%); entertainment (43.4%); and working/job (43.2%). 

Other contributors include civic/volunteer activities (35.4%); a good economy (35.1%); community/neighbors (32.8%); good health (31.6%); clubs/associations (24.2%); sports (18.0%); school/education (13.7%); church or religious beliefs (10.7%). 

Poll1Two-fifths to nearly one-half of Americans polled describe fellow Americans as: family oriented (47.5%); fair and honest (43.0%); and proud to be Americans (42.0%). 

IOG Poll12Approximately one-third offer descriptions such as: angry (36.0%); too political (30.7%); and generous (29.1%). 

One-quarter suggest Americans are: charitable (26.9%); caring (26.1%); rude/abrasive (23.1%); and gracious (22.4%). Other descriptions, mentioned less frequently are presented within this report. 

In describing attributes of America, respondents took pride in: free speech (70.0%); freedom to travel (63.0%); and voting rights/democracy (61.6%). 

These descriptions of America were followed by freedom of religion (57.8); liberty (55.4%); and charitable giving (42.5%). 

These were followed by being an immigrant nation (29.2%); capitalism (28.1%); paying taxes/contributing (22.7%); race relations (13.9%); immigrant policies (8.0%). 

Strong majorities agreed: 

IOG Poll13I have great pride in the U.S. – 79.3% (down from 82.7% in December 2016) 

I would be willing to join others in building bridges to help us unify – 80.6% (down slightly from 80.8% in December 2016). 

Two-thirds agreed:  

Despite our differences, I can see ways we can unify and better days ahead – 66.4% (down from 75.3% in December 2016) 

We remain hopelessly divided as a nation – 64.3% (down from 74.7% in December 2016) 

IOG Poll14I am more hopeful for the nation after the 2016 election – 49.3% (down significantly from 70.5% in December 2016) 

ABOUT THE POLL: The poll was conducted by The Polling Center at JSU’s IOG.  Polling by the Center is conducted on a regular basis and may also include spontaneous polling on occurring events. For full poll report: Click RESULTS. 

METHODOLOGY: The poll sampled opinions of 1051 approximately proportional to state population contribution nationwide.  The survey was conducted March 3 -10, 2017. All surveys were conducted using an online survey instrument. The poll has a +/- 3.0 percent margin of error at a 95 percent confidence level on a composite basis.