JSU launches ‘Little Royals’ Pageant with 13 amazing contestants vying for win July 15

Updated Little royals graphic 2017 IMG_2208 -The Center for Student Engagement and Leadership will host its inaugural JSU Little Royals Pageant. The competition to become a JSU Little Royal starts at 7 p.m. on July 15, in the Rose E. McCoy Auditorium. Tickets are $15 at the door and are also available in advance from the contestants and the JSU Royal Court members. 

The categories of the pageant are Little Mister JSU, Little Miss JSU, Junior Mister JSU, Junior Miss JSU and True Blue Tiger. Contestants in the Little category are ages 4-8 and Junior contestants are 9-12. The contestant selling the most tickets to the pageant will be named the True Blue Tiger.

This pageant serves as a vehicle for mentorship between the winners and the JSU Royal Court. The JSU Little Royals Pageant supports the mission and programming of the JSU Royal Court by providing JSU students the opportunity to mentor and encourage potential JSU students. Our mission is to enlighten minds, inspire talent, develop abilities, promote character and preserve values while training and encouraging students to meet the creative and intellectual challenges in today’s society.

 The funds raised through this pageant also increase the outreach that the JSU Royal Court is able to provide. 

The contestants that win in their category will be awarded numerous prizes but also the experience of being featured in JSU communications and public appearances with Mister and Miss JSU and the Royal Court.  

For more information, contact Mea Ashley, assistant director of student involvement, JSU Center for Engagement and Leadership at 601- 979 3308 or mea.e.ashley@jsums.edu

Little Miss JSU Contestants

2017 Little Miss JSU Constestants - First Set



Little Mister JSU Contestants and  Junior Miss JSU Contestants

2017 Little Mister and Junior Miss JSU Constestants

Junior Mister JSU Contestant

2017 Junior Mister JSU Constestant