JSU Communications wins big at 2017 HBCUgrow LEAD Awards

Recipients gather to showcase their HBCUgrow LEAD Awards.

Jackson State was among recipients showcasing their HBCUgrow LEAD Awards. University Communications executive director Maxine Greenleaf, top row left, and director of social media Spencer McClenty, bottom row second from left, accepted the awards for JSU.


Jackson State University’s Department of University Communications were presented with three LEAD Awards on Nov. 9 for outstanding work in social media advertising, viral profiles of “People of JSU” and the university’s main website.

JSU won a gold award for the campus website, www.jsums.edu. JSU also earned silver awards for “People of JSU” and marketing.

The university’s director of social media, Spencer McClenty, said: ““I was really excited that we were being awarded for some of the work we’ve done. I always tell people, that my job is a fun job. The work we do with the People of JSU project and the other social media work we do is very important in communicating the messages of the university to our constituents. But it’s also just fun and exciting for us. So, we were excited to be recognized for our work.”

The LEAD Award levels were platinum, gold, silver and bronze.

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