College of Business students encourage financial literacy among their peers

Pictured from left to right: Josh Goodwin, Don Jones, Tory Patterson and Larry Day. (Photo by: Charles Smith/University Communications)

Officers of Thee Financial Club are pictured from left to right: Josh Goodwin-vice president, Don Jones-president, Tory Patterson-second vice president and Larry Day-visiting instructor of Finance. (Photo by: Charles Smith/University Communications)



Student officers from Thee Investment Club are taking the initiative to create conversation regarding financial investments at their HBCU.

The organization’s president, Don Jones plans to educate JSU students on the importance of financial investing.

Jones says, “Students get thousands of dollars from refund checks and all of that money is gone the next month; because my peers don’t know how to apply the financial lessons that they are being taught to their personal lives. We want to change that culture by building a foundation that teaches our peers how to manage their day-to-day finances.”

Thee Investment Club was created in 2009 allowing students to freely express their passion for finance and inform the campus population on the importance of investing.

“My passion is in finance and investing so I thought this club would be great for students seeking interest in those two areas,” said Larry Day, advisor and visiting instructor of Finance. “I want this organization to be a student ran activity allowing our students the freedom to create greatness as it relates to financial investments.”

The organization’s motto is to invest in yourself and the individuals around you. Club officers are aiming to create financial forums on and off campus by collaborating with the Campus Activities Board and Student Government Association.

Initially, the principal purpose of the club was to focus on educating their peers in the area of business; but recently they’ve expanded their recruiting efforts to student majors from various colleges around campus.

“My experience with Thee Investment Club has been different. I am a math major but I am also pursuing a minor in finance. Before I joined this club, I thought investing correlated to stocks only. I had no idea about mutual funds and other forms of investment,” said Chicago native and assistant vice president Tory Patterson. “This club gives me a different view on how I can invest in myself and my future.”

The members are passionate about financial dialogue at JSU and they want to spread their message to the Jackson community as well by creating mentorship programs, hosting financial forums and speaking to local high school students.

“This club isn’t just about efficiently utilizing the market but also applying that same knowledge to improve your daily life,” vice president Josh Goodwin said. “My goal is to assist my peers with personal growth that will help them achieve various opportunities in the future.”