Complete 2 Compete: JSU grads share their success stories about the program

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For some adults, earning a college degree can be a difficult task due to other life obligations. As Saturday’s commencement approaches, Jackson State graduates Jeffery Farmer, Cheffon Carter and Kim Sims reflect on how the Complete 2 Compete (C2C) program helped them earn their degree.

C2C is a Mississippi statewide program focused on assisting adults who have completed some college, haven’t earned a degree, and need to finish the requirements necessary to graduate. Since August 2017, the program has awarded 963 associate and baccalaureate degrees from two-year and four-year institutions in Mississippi.

While surfing the internet, Kim Sims, a candidate for a bachelor’s degree in university studies, found Jackson State’s C2C website. She answered the required questions and realized that she not only qualified for the program, but she also was eligible to receive a grant assisting with tuition cost.

“I have always desired to complete my degree from Jackson State, but somewhere down the road I gave up,” says Sims. “Enrolling in the C2C program has allowed me to achieve one of my most challenging goals of degree completion. Since then, I’ve not only received a monetary promotion but also a new position at my current job.”

The C2C program provided Jeffery Farmer with a road map to a degree that he stopped pursuing more than 25 years ago.  “I always had a burning desire to go back to college and complete my degree,” says Farmer. “The C2C program has been a blessing for many working and family oriented adults like myself. Now that I have reached my goal of earning a degree, I have an opportunity to compete with others for new employment opportunities.”

Complete 2 Compete is designed for adult learners who:

  • have been out of college at least 24 consecutive months (based on last date of attendance)
  • have completed some college-level coursework,
  • is at least 21 years of age, and
  • has not completed a post-secondary degree.

Cheffon Carter, candidate for a bachelor’s degree in university studies, only needed one class to graduate when she reached out to C2C program advisors. She says she knew they could navigate her to degree completion.

“Just when it seemed that obtaining my life-long goal of finishing my degree was out of reach, I received an email from Dr. Smith,” says Carter. “I am so thankful to Jackson State and the C2C program for reigniting my fire to complete my degree. This accomplishment has encouraged me to continue my educational journey.”

For more information about the C2C program at Jackson State, go to www.jsums.edu/complete2compete.