Third-generation graduate Ford elucidates her plans of becoming a creative director

(Charles A. Smith/University Communications)

By Courtney Jones


Tiger born and bred, Sherrell Ford made the decision to attend Jackson State because it was near and dear to her soul. As a third-generation student, Ford says she knows JSU was the only choice for her.

“For as long as I can remember, Jackson State has always felt like home to me. My parents and grandparents groomed me for this university and I wanted to show them I was grateful by choosing to enroll here.”

Raised in a military family, she was afforded the opportunity to experience different cultures throughout her childhood that ultimately led to her love for art. As a freshman, she knew majoring in that area would fulfill her desire to create, but she also knew that her strong interest in marketing had to be pursued as well.

“I have a passion for art, so researched the curriculum requirements for a creative director,” says Ford. “I realized that marketing and art was a perfect mixture of both business and the artistic side that I adore”.

While in dual programs, the dean’s list scholar has gained academic knowledge as well as a stronger sense of self. Both of these assets have confirmed her aspirations of becoming a creative director. She has been accepted into graduate school, where she plans to further her education in the field of management.

“I feel like a graduate degree in business will enhance my opportunities to reach my goal of being a creative director,” says Ford.

Ford is proud to be an alumnus of JSU, a legacy that she does not take lightly. The academic scholar says she plans to “come back and give to the university that afforded me an opportunity to further my dreams.”

“Networking is important to me, and I want to share how essential it is in the world of business,” says Ford. “The first step to following your dreams is networking with people who can help you reach your goals.”