Chief information officer Dent discusses cybersecurity prevention for JSU students and administrators




Screen Shot 2019-11-05 at 11.31.08 PMMost people associate the month of October with Breast Cancer or Domestic Violence Awareness, but October is also designated as National Cybersecurity Awareness month.

“Cybersecurity awareness month is held every October was started as a joint venture between the government and industry and it’s a month that’s set aside to focus on cyber security issues,” says Deborah Dent, chief information officer for JSU.

While speaking with JSU’s network engineer, he says, hacking into your computer is worth more than most people assume.

“The individuals are doing this for money because it’s a billion-dollar business,” says Josiah Dosunmu. “When they can send you a ransom and hold your data hostage for two million dollars, then they have an incentive to continue doing that.”

This year’s slogan is own it, secure it, and protect it. Dent explains why these three things are helpful when trying to stay cyber safe.

“You need to be careful when you are shopping online, you always have to make sure that you are clicking on a secured site,” says Dent. “To secure it, there is one thing that I couldn’t personally stand and that is two factor authentications. It is irritating. You log into something and they say, they have to call you, and then you have to get the code, and type it in and then, they will allow you access. It’s really for our safety because I’ve had someone almost steal my identity, and now all companies have two factor authentications. It’s growing and growing, and now it’s coming to Jackson State.”

Dent continues by explaining that protecting people, especially at Jackson State, is the main goal of the cyber security inactivates.

“People are our most precious resource and cyber-attacks are attacking people and so it’s important that we protect our students, faculty and staff.”

She further stated, “Don’t give your information out to anybody you don’t know. They will call you on the phone or send you an email and they are collecting your information. And the last thing is, don’t click on the link, just don’t click on it.”

For more information regarding cybersecurity visit: https://niccs.us-cert.gov/national-cybersecurity-awareness-month-2019