Overcoming adversity: Thomas set to commission as 2nd Lieutenant in US Army





Dominique Thomas will commission as a 2nd Lieutenant in the United States Army on April 30. Her journey, although difficult, has been a blessing in disguise.

A wide smile covered Thomas’ face as she spoke, “I am so happy to serve this country. This really is a once in a lifetime accomplishment.”

In the summer of 2017, afraid and uncertain, she took a leap of faith and decided to join Jackson State’s Army ROTC program.

“When I first joined the ROTC program, I heard a lot of the cadets using the word ‘max’. I assumed I had to max my physical training test–well, I constantly failed them, over and over again.”

Dominique Thomas says she is "proud of the young lady she has blossomed into." She is anticipating commissioning in the US Army on Thursday, April 30.

Dominique Thomas says she is “proud of the young lady she has blossomed into.” She is anticipating commissioning in the US Army on Thursday, April 30.

She continued, ” After a year of failure, I eventually passed my test, and I believe it was truly God’s timing because I was scheduled to attend advance camp that upcoming summer.”

Physically, Thomas was an overachiever at camp but mentally she was falling apart.

“My attitude was awful and because of all of the personal obstacles I faced, my focus was not where it should have been.”

Therefore, Thomas was recommended to return the following summer to repeat camp. Devastated, she “questioned herself, her life and ultimately, God.”

Fast forward to summer 2019, she is now married and in a much better space mentally. Thomas recalls being more focused on receiving camp credit but admits, it was a very difficult task. “I relied on God, my family, peers and my Cadre every step of the way.”

Glowing with pride, she continues, “I graduated from camp and on April 30, I will be commissioning as an active duty officer in the United States Army. I am excited to protect those who cannot protect themselves.”

Raised by a single mother with multiple jobs in the inner city of Jackson, there were times when Thomas “wasn’t sure where her next meal would come from.” She credits the scripture Matthew 6:33 for guiding her through.

In a very mellow voice, she says, “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”

She continues, “when I didn’t have what I needed, I knew I could always seek him first and he would provide.”

She concludes by saying, “Never let your circumstances determine your future.”

As a product of a single mother, the oldest child who was somewhat responsible for her other siblings, not always having food to eat, running the streets as a teenager, surviving drive-by shootings, failing her physical test multiple times, and not receiving summer camp credit; Dominique counts it all joy.

“If I would have let any of those failed tests stop me, I would not be able to share my testimony here today. Use your circumstances as motivation and not as an excuse.”