New JSU police chief begins semester with list of safety initiatives

Jackson State University’s new police chief has a set of initiatives he’s rolling out during the spring semester to ensure the campus remains safe and secure.

Police Chief Thomas Albright, 49, officially became JSU’s top law officer on Jan. 1. Albright has served as interim chief at the Department of Public Safety since April 1, 2012. But he’s been a fixture on the campus for 22 years, rising through the ranks from patrolman to chief.

As students return, they’ll immediately notice one of Albright’s first changes:  the enforcement of a requirement that all faculty, staff and students wear the university’s photo identification badge while on campus.

“That’s a mechanism we have in place to keep those off the premises who don’t belong on campus and might cause trouble,” Albright said.

Albright also recently made it mandatory that visitors to the H. P. Jacobs Administration Building sign in and out. Over the next few months, he hopes to complete plans for a campus police bike patrol. Currently, most of the department’s officers patrol on foot or in vehicles.

Albright said he’s also working the Student Government Association to create the “Tiger Patrol,” a team of students designated to alert authorities about unlawful activity inside the dormitories.

“We want to get student leadership in the dormitories. We want to get students back involved. Students have a tendency to share with each other, rather than police,” Albright said, explaining that the patrol might acquire information officers couldn’t access immediately.

A native of Philadelphia, Pa., Albright graduated from Jackson State University in December 2012 with a bachelor’s degree in professional interdisciplinary studies. He said a career in law enforcement wasn’t always on his radar. However, his brother was a police officer in Philadelphia, and Albright considered him a role model.

Albright’s department has 75 employees, including contract security. In addition to providing surveillance and protection, they also educate the students and staff through crime prevention programs. Albright said he’d like to reach more students through the workshops that are often presented in dormitories. He said instructors can request the presentations in their classrooms, as well.

“My command staff does a great job to give me the flexibility to do the things I need to do. We’re constantly striving to improve safety,” Albright said.

Their efforts have paid off. Officer Stephanie Thomas, the director of the crime prevention programs, said the annual campus crime statistics report that will soon be released publicly shows a decrease in criminal activity.

She said the department will use the data to create maps to identify any areas that require increased police visibility.

“Our goal is zero crime,” Thomas said. “We want JSU to be a place where students, faculty and staff can come here and focus on their goals.”

Thomas said Albright’s leadership has made the department a cohesive unit. She said he sets an example that everyone strives to emulate.

“When something gets reported, he’s on top of it immediately. He doesn’t procrastinate,” Thomas said. “And, he’s fair.”

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  1. Sorry I was typing to fast but I am glad to be apart of your vision and Jackson state family

  2. Congratulations chief Albright I am glad to be apart your vision and Jackson state family

  3. Obra Hackett says:

    Congratulations, Chief Allbright! It’s a well-deserved promotion. Good luck.

  4. carl mitchell says:

    visibility give us a sense of security keep up the good work

  5. Glenda Windfield says:

    Congratulations Chief Albright! Please know I appreciate all you and your wonderful staff do to protect the JSU family. I extend to you wishes of much success.

  6. Dr. Loria Brown Gordon says:

    Way to go, we are in good hands. Please know that your efforts to keep us safe are supported.

  7. Stephanie Thomas says:

    Good Morning Chief Albright. I am glad to be apart of the vision that you have for The Department of Public Safety for the entire community here at Jackson State University. Please keep up the good work.

  8. I often work late and I appreciate the security measures in place at the Jacobs Adm. Tower. However, I look forward to seeing increased lighting and patrols in areas throughout the campus in the evenings. Measures such as these project a sense of security to prospective students, who may be hesistent to come to the main campus for evening classes. Congratulations on receipt of your degree!

  9. Cynthia Lockhart, Ed.D. says:

    Congratulations! You have always presented yourself as a fair and professional officer in my dealings with you. Continue doing what you do and I KNOW the Tiger family will become more knowledgeable about safety. Continued blessings.

  10. Katie M. Dearborn says:

    Congratulations Chief Albright on your appointment as JSU’s new police chief. I appreciate seeing the security measures you have implemented thus far, e.g., the increased security at the administration tower; and I am also delighted to read about the security measures you have planned for the spring semester 2013.

  11. robert (Bobby) Baker says:

    In my comment,I forgot to say after 911,I am gettin older.Thanks Robert (Bobby) Baker 71′.

  12. robert (Bobby) Baker says:

    Having been a security coordinator for a worldwide airline after,I can tell this man is on the right track.Almost 11 yrs. J-State had too many security breaches,also being an open campus anybody can roam freely.I belive that this was a great promotion.Robert (Bobby) Baker 71′.

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