JSU prepares for Legacy Donor Wall unveiling

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The final touches are being made for the Legacy Donor Wall which will reveal more than 730 donors listed in five giving categories. The virtual event will be available for viewing on JSUTV and JSU Facebook Live on Thursday, October 22 at 6pm.

Established in 2020 by the JSU Development Foundation, the Legacy Donor Wall will showcase all donors who have a minimum overall giving of $10,000 or more. All donations were made to the JSU Development Foundation to qualify for the Legacy Donor Wall.

“The Legacy Donor Wall represents the unyielding connection between our benevolent stakeholders, dedicated donors and brilliant students,” says Veronica Cohen, vice president for Institutional Advancement and External Affairs. “This wall is a symbolic reflection of our donors’ generosity.”

“From the generous support of our donors, Jackson State has awarded numerous scholarships and academic opportunities for students in dire need of support. This is a testimony of our donors’ commitment to the University and helps to foster positive relationships between our students and our donors,” added Cohen.



Every October, the wall will be updated based on each donors’ total giving. Donors will not be removed from the wall but can be moved to the next giving level depending on their financial contributions.

“As chair of JSUDF, this is a new beginning,” said Debra McGee. “This event is monumental for JSU and the JSUDF. We thank God for the Legacy Donor Wall and each donor and sponsor who gave and will continue to give to our prestigious university.”

She continued, “This initiative represents the genuine acts of kindness, thoughtfulness and selflessness of each donor. JSU is becoming one of the top HBCU’s in the country as a result of their financial assistance. This initiative will also boost our public image and hopefully attract new donors.”



Donor categories are as follows:

Diamond: $1,000,000 & above

Platinum: $500,000-999,999

Gold: $100,000-499,999

Silver: $50,000-99,999

Bronze: $10,000-49,999

For more information about the Legacy Donor Wall or to make a donation, click here.