Center for University-Based Development hosts annual Spring Planting Day

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Volunteers for Spring Planting Day were filled with joy as they planted vegetables in the JSU/Blackburn Garden.

The annual Spring Planting Day was held at the JSU/Blackburn Garden recently, and more than 30 volunteers showed up to plant peppers, squash, onions and sunflowers in the Learning Garden.

“Each year we have expert volunteers and also individuals who have never planted before this event,” said Dr. Heather Denné, director of Community Engagement and Center for University-Based Engagement. “Ultimately, this garden serves as an educational tool for the people in this community.”

Individuals young and old gathered to clean the garden from the fall and plant all new vegetables for the spring. With all hands-on deck and sunny temperatures, a variety of vegetables were planted by the local community.

“Our Learning Garden positively affects the community because it teaches them how to properly plant vegetables, and they are able to eat what they grow,” Denné said. “The garden also encourages a healthier eating lifestyle.”

Community stakeholders were present from West Jackson CDC, Continental Tires and the Center for Social Entrepreneurship.