President Hudson: Thank you for making JSU 2022 ‘It’s a Different World’ Homecoming a success

(Charles A. Smith/University Communications)Greetings JSU Family,

Jackson State University’s 2022 “It’s a Different World” Homecoming has drawn to a close on the heels of our JSU Tigers football team defeating the Campbell College Camels in an exciting game yesterday. I hope everyone enjoyed the revelry that accompanies a homecoming at “Thee I Love” and that a wonderful time was had by all.

If you take a look around our campus, you will see that it is truly “A Different World.” I think every JSU Tiger can attest to this through our collective but unique experiences at our HBCU. We all have mutual stories about professors who have shaped our lives and friendships that have lasted a lifetime. This is one of many remarkable things that make JSU a “Different World.”

I would like to thank our alumni who traveled from near and far to return to our alma mater. I hope being here was a nostalgic and celebratory experience. I am sure the campus has changed for many of you, which highlights our continued growth and development. I enjoyed reconnecting, fellowshipping with old yet familiar faces, and hearing about everything you have accomplished since your time here on “the yard.”

To my talented and brilliant students, it was wonderful to see you engaging in camaraderie and fellowship with one another. You all have had quite an interesting semester but have always responded to challenges with grace, resilience, and compassion for each other. I hope you truly embraced homecoming as a celebration of success for all we have accomplished together.

The Jackson State University family is fortified by our shared experiences, amplified by our love for this institution. It is a love that extends to the greater community and beyond. The impact that a JSU homecoming has on the city of Jackson is immense and should not go unacknowledged.

Guests filled hotels, frequented restaurants, and patronized a multitude of businesses, all in the name of Jackson State University. This further punctuates that JSU is not only an academic powerhouse but an economic driver of this city. Homecoming also reminds me of why JSU is so deeply cherished.

Lastly, I want to applaud our administrators, faculty and staff for a job well done. Many of you worked late into the night and rose at dawn to ensure that homecoming was a success. You sacrificed your time, energy, and possibly your sanity to give everyone an unforgettable and eventful week. Thank you for all that you do and your joint commitment to JSU.

Again, I hope you had an amazing experience. You all are and will always be a vital part of JSU’s legacy. Now, let us rest, reflect and look forward to another wonderful week ahead.


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