2013 JSU Homecoming theme, contest winner chosen

After nearly 15,000 votes were submitted online and on the JSUgo mobile app, the chosen theme for the 2013 JSU Homecoming festivities is “JSU: The Legacy, The Experience, The Dream”. The person who submitted the wining theme is JSU class of ’90 graduate Angela Moffett, whose prize includes tickets to the homecoming step show, concert, comedy show and football game. Additionally, Moffet will have an opportunity to serve as a judge during the 2013 Homecoming Parade. Lori Stewart, associate director for Campus Life and coordinator for pageants and productions in the JSU Division of Student Life, spoke with Moffett about her theme.

Angela Moffett, JSU class of '90

Angela Moffett, JSU class of ’90

Stewart:  Why did you feel it was important to participate with the contest? 

Moffett:  To show our students that the love for Jackson State University is everlasting and we must strive to consistently increase our university’s goal of becoming “The” prominent university in MS. Using not just words, but by our commitment to increasing our presence and financial responsibility in alumni organizations and the public.  I felt my most perfect gift to the university was sending my daughter to further her education at MY Dear Ole College Home!!  I look forward to the legacy she will create while there and experience the love and caring faculty and staff that I encountered.

Explain you theme, JSU: The Legacy, The Experience, The Dream!

The Legacy: Alumni who built on the dream of education for all students ; The Experience: Students who currently live the dream of the alumni, experiencing the things imagined and brought to fruition ; The Dream: Future students who will bring continued success to our university through service, scholarship and the love of our dear ole college home.

What is your most memorable JSU experience?

Auditioning for the “SONIC BOOM” and going up against Karen Brown to sing Sweet Love by Anita Baker, of course I came in second.






  1. Rose says:

    Another great and smart Zeta lady

  2. Leonard Swilley, Sr. says:

    Way to go Soror ! As always, planning on kicking like we used to do it back in the 80′s. See ya in October !

  3. Joshua Kirk says:

    Congrats Soror. I love the theme. It really expresses the ideologies of the university. Homecoming will definitely be blue and white!!!

  4. Gwendolyn McCullum Taylor says:

    Angela!! we are so proud of you. We love you! Heidelberg and the Beaver Meadow Community.

  5. Elleanor Alexander says:

    Congratulations to you Angela. I just want to say, I love the wording you chose for the theme.
    It is very fitting for the homecoming after all that has been going on around us. I wish your daughter the best in her studies and hava a great time at the 2013 Homecoming Events.

  6. Farah Christmas says:


  7. Sherry McDonald -Moss says:

    Congratulations My Sweet Zeta Soror!
    Great Job. Heidelberg is proud of you.

  8. Je'Juan Gray says:

    Congrats Soror Angela. Much love for your continued support for our beloved university. I like your explanation for the concept behind the theme. This indeed will be a True Blue and White Homecoming.

  9. Angela Moffett says:

    Thanks to all of my fellow Alumns who supported me in this contest. I am super excited about seeing all my friends and fellow Tigers in October! #daysoutoftheclassroom.

  10. Antoinette Silas says:

    Congrats, Auntie Angela!

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