JSU art professor leads study abroad program in Brazil

Jackson State University art professor Kenyatta Stewart stood at the helm of a faculty-led study abroad program that allowed nine students to study the culture of Brazil.

The two-week trip featured the cities of Salvador and Rio de Janeiro. The group spent a week in each city.

R_GroupPhoto_SugaloafMountainSalvador, the first capitol of Brazil, is considered to be the cultural heart of the nation.  The city was often the destination of African slaves during the Transatlantic Slave Trade.

JSU students said the food, religion, clothing, and vivacious music of Salvador made the city an unforgettable place.

“It is a city where many can trace their lineage to their present day family members in Africa,” Stewart said. “And in many instances, the streets we walked and the buildings we saw are all older than the United States. So, the history along with the culture is awe-inspiring.”

While in Salvador, students and faculty also visited sites such as Barra Lighthouse, Bahia by Night, and Santo Amaro.

The tour of Salvador concluded as the group flew to Rio de Janeiro. Stewart led the group on a tour of several famous sites, but says that the most exciting was Corcovado Mountain, where the “Christ the Redeemer” statue stands.

“Students expressed amazement at the size of the monument and the view of the city below,” said Stewart. The group visited other sites, such as Sugarloaf Mountain, the Lapa Arches, and Church of the Blacks.

“Brazil is an incredible destination for JSU students,” said Stewart.


  1. Ashton Hamme says:

    Congratulations on successfully leading the JSU students during their study abroad program to Brazil!!!

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    Your comments were excellent, especially on the historical research. :)

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    Great Job Big Phi

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