Mural brings attention to Canton’s Hollow

Mural-6Jackson State students have made their mark on the city of Canton, literally. A group of art students, led by Art Professor Hyun Chong Kim spent the last semester creating a mural featuring some of the city’s brightest spots.

More than 3,200 six-inch tiles were hand painted to create the mural that stands more than 13 feet high and 67 feet wide.

“We’d been wanting to do something to beautify the Hollow,” said Vickie McNeal of Canton. “Kim and her students put a lot of heart into it and did an awesome task. People stop and stare at it. They are coming to take pictures with it. It has created a lot of buzz around town.”

The mural features the award-winning gospel group The Canton Spirituals, Willie Jones, a who owned a popular sandwich shop in Canton and blues artist Elmore James.

Mural-5“We were all very proud of how it turned out.”

Chanise Sanders, an art major from Jackson, said she’s enjoyed the response from her family members who have seen the mural.

Now Sanders’ 12-year-old sister wants to major in art.  “My mom tells everybody to go by there.”

Olivia Wilson, also an art major, said the entire process was meticulous.

“A lot of days we didn’t want to do it, but it feels like it was worth it all in the end.”

Wade Walker says he finally has an answer for all those who have been skeptical about his decision to major in art.

“One of the main questions I get is ‘.What do you do with that?,’ says Walker, who has been an artist since the seventh grade. “Look at this. I have an answer for that.”





  1. Trinette G. Kimbrough says:

    The murals are awesome!!!! As I was driving through Canton, the murals caught my eyes and I wondered who drew the pictures!!! It’s even more awesome to be part of a University with such great talent!!!!

  2. R. Walker says:

    Kudos and thanks to Professor Kim and the City of Canton for providing JSU art students with a wonderful opportunity to mount a large scale public art project. The experience of planning, designing and implementing such a project must have provided the students with an invaluable learning and skill-building opportunity.

    Congratulations to the students who participated in the project; your creativity, talent, dedication and perseverance have paid-off. You and your professor have created a striking and memorable work. To quote a colleague: “This is the kind of public and community art we need everywhere.”

  3. Mark Henderson says:

    As a proud Cantonian, it moves my heart to see this awesome artistic body of work in my hometown, especially because it was created by my second home-JSU. GREAT JOB!!

  4. Joann Buchanan says:

    Can they create a project for the city of Jackson? maybe downtown near the art building.

  5. Timettawilson says:

    I am very moved by the awesome task and the Artistic beauty of such a masterpiece. Hats off to Prof. Kim and my daughter Olivia for the accomplishment

  6. Glenda F. Myles says:

    I saw the artwork, the students and Dr. Kim are doing an excellent job!

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