Jackson State Homecoming Game Ticket Donation and Refund Information


Update: Oct. 23, 2013

Homecoming Tickets Gift Information:

If you would like to receive a gift credit for purchased Homecoming ticket(s), mail ticket(s) to:

Jackson State University
Division of Institutional Advancement
ATTN:  Gift Processing
1400 John. R. Lynch Street
Jackson MS  39217

Include your name, address, contact number and/or email. The amount of your purchased ticket(s) will be counted as a donation to the Jackson State University Development Foundation, Inc.

All tickets must be submitted by October 31, 2013

Update: Oct. 21, 2013

Homecoming Tickets Refund Information:

- Everyone who purchased a homecoming football game ticket will have the opportunity to receive a refund.

- Refunds will be available at the JSU Athletic Ticket Office at the Lee E. Williams Athletics and Assembly on the JSU campus on the following days next week: Monday, Oct. 21 from noon to 6 pm and Tuesday (Oct. 22) and Wednesday (Oct. 23) from 10 am – 6 pm. A valid 2013 Homecoming football game ticket must be presented during those hours.

-For those from out-of-town, valid 2013 Homecoming football game tickets can be mailed to the Jackson State University Division of Athletics Business Office, Lee E. Williams AAC, 1400 John R. Lynch St., Jackson, MS 39217). Out-of-town Homecoming visitors are asked to include a return mailing address and a day-time phone number.

For more information about the refund process, call the JSU Athletics Business/Ticket Office at 601-979-2420 or visit jsutigers.com.


Jackson State University has been informed by Grambling State University officials that the Grambling football team will not participate in Saturday’s game at JSU.

Instead, the JSU Tigers will play a “Blue and White” scrimmage game at 2 p.m. at the Mississippi Veteran’s Memorial Stadium. Following the game, the Sonic Boom of the South marching band will play for an extended performance. At 4 p.m., Lyfe Jennings, Terrell C. Moses and Larry Johnson will perform a free concert at the stadium. The 4 p.m. concert is open to the public.

All other Jackson State Homecoming activities will continue as scheduled. The Homecoming Parade will start at 9 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 19, in downtown Jackson.

Jackson State is currently working out a process to refund Homecoming game tickets. Once those details are worked out, the information will be posted on www.jsums.edu.

“This is an unfortunate situation for JSU fans, but it is beyond our control,” said JSU President Carolyn W. Meyers. “I want to encourage the JSU community, including students, alumni and supporters, to participate in the other activities scheduled as part of our Homecoming celebration.”



  1. Farah Christmas says:

    I do not want a refund. This is my love!! Go JSU
    True Tiger!!

  2. Charles D. Gidney says:

    As a Grambling Alum, I have always shared a “lovingly friendly” rivalry with Jacksonians. My pastor’s daughter, who is like a sister to me, is among the many friends whose paths to greatness are linked to matriculation at Jackson State. Some of my fondest memories of travels during school breaks involved interacting with Jackson State students via Greyhound or Amtrak as we shared those trips home. We laughed and joked but always delighted in our commonalities. The loyalty that we shared for our schools never overshadowed the respect that we had for each other. Make no mistake, many of us were also outdone by the turn of events and the impact that it had on your 2013 Homecoming. We pray for resolution of this matter and a renewed fellowship in the days, months, and years to come – realizing that SWAC love is truly a family affair! (Charles G. – GSU c/o `93)

  3. Sonic98 says:

    I wish I had known the scrimmage game would take place and over activities would proceed as plan, I would not have canceled my travel plans to Jackson. I understand people not wanting a refund, but I want mine because I still suffered some expense that I was not able to get back, and I plan to transfer most of my money I got back or didn’t use to attending the Alcorn game.

  4. JSUMemphis2003-2007 says:

    I support JSU and even thought we did not have a game, i had a wonderful time. Even though it was last minute, i thought the University did a wonderful job in this horrific time. Even though it wasnt a true game, i thought us having at least 30,000 people come out support was awesome. Proud Alumni very disappointed with Grambling very selfish act. I do not want my money back, and i will continue to support. #theeiLove forever JSU

  5. Uno says:

    It would not be a matter of the cost of the ticket if i were really able to see JSU taking better care of its own in the past 10-15 years. There are entirely too many scholarships, work study, etc., given to outsiders. The Mississippians are the ones who built and helped to make JSU what it is today and we have forgotten ALL about that. This is no different than the politics of this great country, taking care of everybody else’s business but our own. So as i see it for the past 10-15 years and going forward if you are not of another ethnicity you are basically out the loop at JSU.
    This is the kind of the thing that happens when you turn your back on your own and think that nobody is really paying any attention. Folks want their money back, not just the students. Give folks their money back without any stipulations and without trying to make them feel guilty for doing so. By the way, you were open all day to buy a ticket, but only a few hours to redeem cash…..

  6. Dean says:

    Keep your tickets and not ask for a refund, JSU received the donation when you purchased your ticket.

  7. Joann Buchanan says:

    I DO NOT WANT MY MONEY BACK, we lost a lot of funds on parking, tickets, food and God knows what else, we will need every dime we can get to replace those lost funds. The $20,000 coming from the SWAC office will not put a dent into our lost. True blue fans, alumni and supporters, we thank you for caring about your university future by donating the refund to the university. This was one of the best homecoming we had in a long time. If you really looked at the activities that was provided to us after the news of Grambling not coming, more then the cost of the ticket, if you supported everything. JSU has some of the best supporters in the world Sat proved it because we were ONE JSU. THANKS TO THE JSU PRESIDENT, AD, COACHES, ADMIN, STAFF, GREAT COMMUNITIES, ALUMNI AND STUDENTS, WE DID IT GREAT JOB…NO PLACE LIKE JSU, GOD HAS BLESSED US. I PRAY FOR THE G-MEN TO COME OUT ON TOP AGAIN, BECAUSE WE MAKE UP THE SWAC, STAY PRAYED UP GRAMBLING, WE WILL PRAY FOR YOUR RECOVER, I KNOW YOU THANK US FOR HELPING YOU MAKE A POINT FOR THE MEDIA.

  8. JSU Alum 92 says:

    Our homecoming event made nationwide news and we should show our support for the university by not requesting a refund. Everyone is watching and waiting to see the response. So, let’s give them something different and unexpected — My money and my kids go and stay at JSU.

  9. I pray that the football players and the Athletic department will work out their issues. I am an 1985 graduate of JSU and this was my first attendance at Homecoming since graduation. I am a resident of the Indianapolis area and attended the Circle City Classic whereas Grambling was defeated by Alcorn. I was looking forward to seeing my beloved Tigers football team and The Sonic Boom of the South perform again. I missed my Moms birthday party to go to homecoming, to say that I was disappointed by Geamblings forfeiture of such an important event is an understatement! As I remove my hurt feelings from the picture I gain a better perspective in how hurt the team was to put so much on the line to press their point. I don’t agree with their decision but I do respect that they fought for the battle they chose. I will keep my ticket as a souvenir of my first homecoming game ticket instead of opting for a refund. Wishing my Tigers much success in their future games.

  10. Danielle says:

    As a student, I love the fact that we all still came together and enjoyed the time spent as one JSU family. With reading some the recent comments, I admire the positive attitudes. The situation was unfortunate and very last minute, but as previous alumni and fans have stated the ticket money can be definitely be used as a “charitable donation” to the university. It can be help fund the continuing greatness our university is known for. Thee I love!!!

  11. Jsunupe says:

    Go JSU

  12. Donna Antoine-LaVigne says:

    Let’s start a Campaign that will allow those True Blue JSU Alumni and Fans to donate their ticket money to the University!! Perhaps set up a new Foundation or add to what we have and specify what the funds are for……..perhaps our JSU “Home Dome”, Scholarships, Parking Garage, etc. Allow Alumni and Community to participate in the decision-making process through town hall meetings across the country and/or other mechanisms.

    Go Tigers, let’s make lemonade!!

  13. Donna Antoine-LaVigne says:

    Let’s start a Campaign that will allow those True Blue JSU Alumni and Fans to donate their ticket money to the University!! Perhaps set up a new Foundation or add to what we have and specify what the funds are for……..perhaps our JSU “Home Dome”, Scholarships, Parking Garage, etc. Allow Alumni and Community to participate in the decision-making process through town hall meetings across the country and/or other mechanisms. This could be a major project of our Alumni Association! It will empower us as and HBCU Institution HIgher Learning and strengthen Community Support.

    Go Tigers, let’s make lemonade!!

  14. TBaby says:

    My 1st JSU game ever in all my 42 years. I got my ticket and shirt and no JSU game to go to. Sad :( !




    One question: How many students who want refunds are on scholarship??????????????????? GO ALMA MATER JSU

  17. Hater says:

    JSU should sue

  18. Charles Russ says:

    We are Jackson State; Jackson Fair, Jackson Dear; Thee I Love!

  19. a.white says:

    There are time whe thing are not in the hands of man. We all must pray that Grambling soon will have a coach that will be there for theme next year. As for JSU you are #1 in my eyes. Keep You Head Up and stay on top of your Game. You are the Sonic Boom of the South. Go TIGERS.

  20. Doris says:

    I was in the t-Shirt store when someone received an email/phone call saying the Grambling football team was not coming, but the Grambling band was already here. A customer immediately said he didn’t want a homecoming shirt. Another customer said he had just got off the phone with them, and the Grambling Football team was coming and he laughed and said the funny thing was, they’re going to win. I kept looking, but commented, JSU had enough football players to entertain me. And, I thought of MADDRAMA, Jazz Dancers and the Jazz choir and many more things the students do really well./

    Most of all, I recalled “forfeit” situations I have been in. We had to go out on the field, assume our defensive positions, then the official would step out on the field and declare the other team forfeited and we were the winners.

  21. Thomas Tolliver says:

    All true and blue JSU fans agree not to accept the refund and leave it to the general fund or where these funds support

  22. Thomas Tolliver says:

    Unfortunate things happen. Our loyalty to our Univetsity goes fan beyond the cost of a ticket. Alumni, fans , supporter of JSU and friends of the university. Contribute that cost you paid for a ticket to the general fund and Thank God for his blessings

  23. Brandii says:

    I do not want this to be listed as a no contest. This should be a win by default. We were ready willing and able! I feel they had adequate time to initiate a replacement. And should just take the L.

  24. Pam says:

    I paid for a service I want my money back. I didnt pay to see a scrimmage!

  25. Charles Russ says:

    We are Jackson State; Jackson Fair, Jackson Dear; Thee I love!

  26. Reeci says:

    It’s unfortunate about the game; however, the fun will go on. We know how to make something out of nothing. GO TIGER FANS !!

  27. Rosie Manyfield says:

    This is heart breaking. I am an alumni of JSU. Even though it was over 26 years ago, I can remember the rivalry between JSU and Grambling. It is awful that for whatever reason Grambling refuses to play JSU.

  28. James A. Loftin says:

    Thanks JSU fans for understanding that things happen which are beyond our control. Dr. Meyers you are a jewel in the rough, thanks for your leadership. JSU Family, “let’s stay together!”

  29. Linda says:

    I do not want a refund. This is my school it is not their fault. GO JSU

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